#PlasticFreeJuly - The Last Straw

 The Last Straw - #plasticfreejuly

This month, we are supporting the #plasticfreejuly campaign that is being supported by a number of countries around the world, so we are proud to be spreading the word for this movement along the Costa del Sol.

Throughout July we will be offering tips on how we can all do our bit to help the impact on the environment and be more plastic free.

This week we are looking at STRAWS...

Plastic straws are one of the top 11 most found items found in beach clean-ups.

You only need to watch that video of the turtle with the plastic straw in its nose to know the damaging effect plastic straws have to our sea life, or the one of the albatross bird after it died where you can see the contents of its stomach and the amount of plastic that it ingested, poor things!

We can each do our part in preventing even more damage to Mother Earth. Here are a few facts about single-use plastic straws;

Facts about plastic in our oceans

 Here are a few tips to get us all started;

1. Don't buy single-use plastic straws

It's as simple as that. If you would like to buy straws, opt for more eco-friendly options such as paper, bamboo or steel. Even if you need to use a straw for health reasons, opt for a robust, reusable one or a flexible paper one. Take a look at the paper straws we have in our store.

2. Refuse single-use plastic straws at bars and restaurants

Make it clear to them that you are not happy with the plastic straws and suggest they should look into making the switch to eco-alternatives. It only takes one person to speak up and make a small change, and if everyone had that mentality, imagine the big change we could make together!

3. Switch from boxed drinks cartons to reusable bottles

If you have children, it's tempting to pop a carton of juice in their packed lunch or school bag. We have opted to not buy these any more and minimise plastic waste by putting juice from a larger carton (and no straw) into a reusable bottle. Once you make the small changes, you'll wonder why you did it differently before!

Challenge yourself, can you:

Switch from plastic to paper in your home or business?


Refuse a straw altogether and stop the waste?


Change from boxed drinks to drinks/water in a reusable bottle?

Tell us how you get on in the comments below or via our social media sites. We'd love to hear from you and hear your tips on reducing your plastic waste this month!

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