In The Press

Keep track of our features, articles and interviews in the press as we develop and continue to raise awareness on the importance of implementing eco alternatives in Spain and beyond:

July 28th 2018:

Talk Radio Europe - "At Home with The Hoggs" featuring Sarah from Eco Passion (listen from 42:30 minutes)

July 18th 2018:

SUR In English feature our new business in an article entitled: "British Campaigners Offer a Realistic Alternative to Single-Use Plastic"

July 3rd 2018:

Cafe Creme French Language Lifestyle online magazine for Costa del Sol, Spain 

Essential Lifestyle magazine for Costa del Sol, Spain, p182

Soltalk Magazine, covering the Nerja and surrounding areas, Malaga, Spain, p46 of the July issue (flash player needed) 

July 2nd 2018:

OCIO magazine features an article entitled "Eco Alternatives for the Costa del Sol" on p14 

April 25th 2018:

Al Sol de la Costa features our meeting with Manilva council and the water board, ACOSOL in Spanish

April 15th 2018:

Talk Radio Europe 'Life Stories' with Ian Rutter

April 12th 2018:

The Resident Newspaper (Sotogrande to Estepona, Spain) online version, p38